Get the right Driveway Gate Access Control Equipment

Driveway Gate Access Control System equipment provides controlled access to authorized visitors while keeping property safe and secure. Read more to find answers to frequently asked questions. . . .

What is a driveway gate access control system?

Driveway Gate Access Control System equipment provides the ability to manage access into and out of gated property. Controlled access ensures authorized visitors can enter the property while restricting access to unauthorized people. Controlling access at the gate keeps property secure and safe.

What are the different types of driveway gate access control systems?

1. The simplest is a keypad into which a numeric code is entered to open the gate. These can be battery-powered or hard-wired into an available power source.

2. A Telephone intercom access control system uses your existing home phone and landline. Telephone intercoms are hard-wired into the home phone, and the handset is used to talk to visitors and grant or deny entry.

3. Wi-Fi and Cellular Call boxes use an existing Wi-Fi network or cellular network.

All but the simple numeric keypad have the option to have audio or audio and video capabilities.

Can I control my electric gate with my cell phone?

One way to open a gate is through a gate access control system using a cell phone.  

A gate access control system is installed at the gate, and your mobile device to operates the gate. An app on your smartphone enables Open, Close, and Hold Open commands for the gate.

This type of access uses a Wi-Fi network or a Cellular network.

The Wi-Fi system works off an existing Wi-Fi wireless network at no additional monthly cost other than what you already pay for an internet service provider.  A cellular network Access Control System requires a SIM card with associated monthly fees, just like a cell phone.

If your mobile phone has cellular service, you can operate the gate anywhere in the World.

How do I get Wi-Fi to my gate?

A Wi-Fi extender takes your primary Wi-Fi signal and repeats it to extend your Wi-Fi’s reach. 

The extender will push the reach of your Wi-Fi further out onto your property so your access control system can connect—plug in one of the Wi-Fi extenders near your router and a second one near your gate.

How do I get Audio and Video communication with a visitor at my driveway gate?

Some smartphone Wi-Fi and Cellular access control systems are audio only, others are audio and video, allowing you to see who is at the gate before granting access. Many products are available with a wide range of pricing. When choosing the right Access Control equipment, compatibility with existing cellular and wifi networks must be confirmed. These Access Control Systems are accessed using your cell phone or a video monitor placed inside your house.

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