An Automatic Driveway Gate, 5 Advantages To Having One.

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Simplify your life with an automatic driveway gate!

Fencing is a popular security measure that property owners have embraced, and an automatic driveway gate is part of this security barrier.

An Automatic Driveway Gate System can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is safe and secure day and night. Adding driveway gate automatic openers with an access control system lets you leverage modern technology to regulate and monitor traffic into and out of your premises.

An Automatic Driveway Gate will Secure and Protect Your Property, Assets, and Occupants.

While the simple presence of a gate will deter trespassers, the ability to control the gate from afar makes it even more secure by giving the homeowner control over who is allowed to enter.

An automated driveway gate also implies that you take your security seriously and suggests that other security measures may be in place.

Automated gates provide a platform for setting up an entire security system, ensuring you have the property under control. It is possible to link lights, alarm systems, video surveillance, intercom, and other security tools to the system.

A secure driveway gate also prevents your children and pets from wandering outside your property without supervision.

You can control the entire perimeter regardless of the property size because you determine who enters or leaves the property. Depending on your system, you can issue passcodes or access cards for select people so they can let themselves in and out, and you will be able to monitor their movements.

The ability to open the gate from the safety of your car with an access control system, day or night, is another plus for an electric driveway gate.

Enhanced Privacy

Automated gate operators enable you to fortify boundaries that have been established to protect your space from external intrusion. They protect your desired solitude by ensuring cold callers and overbearing neighbors can no longer sneak up on you.

With surveillance and other gate safety devices, you can know who is at the security gate and what is going on in your neighborhood without going outdoors. You get to decide who comes in and when to let them in.

An automated gate grants control over the traffic in your driveway, so you will not have to deal with unknown vehicles or damaged lawns courtesy of motorists using your driveway for a turnaround. A security gate also prevents foreign animals from contaminating your yard or agitating your pets and children.

Because most automated driveway gates will be located a distance from the main building, this increases your privacy by making it difficult to look into the house from outside the property.

Automation Offers Convenience

No need to get out of your car in bad weather or leave your small children unattended to open the gate.

You may be hurt or have mobility issues that make getting out of the car to open the gate daunting.

Open the gate remotely from inside the car or house using remote controls for your automatic gate system or from wherever you are with your smartphone, provided there is internet connectivity. Some access control systems use GPS to sense the car’s location and open the gate when approached, then close the gate automatically when the vehicle has entered the property without any instruction from the occupant.

Card readers and keypads are used to gain entry for authorized people without the administrator’s input as long as they have the credentials. This allows you to leave the gate unmanned without worrying, knowing that authorized people like maids, lawn care, deliveries, pool man, etc., can access the property and take care of business. With some access control systems, you will get a log of who went through the gate if needed for future reference.

With cameras and intercoms or a telephone entry system, you can even establish who is at the gate and decide whether you will let them enter by using a home phone, smartphone, or monitor.

An Automatic Driveway Gate Raises the Property’s Curb Appeal

An automatic electric driveway gate gives an excellent first impression. As much as a driveway gate is meant to be a deterrent – when the gate opens to let the guests in, it makes the home seem more inviting.

Automated gates come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, meaning there is the freedom to customize your setup to blend with the yard’s layout and the property’s overall style. A driveway entry gate offers a unique opportunity to decorate the façade.

Electric Automatic Driveway Gates Increase the Value of the Property

When the property is appraised after the installation of automated gates, they will factor in that measures have been taken to secure it against vandalism, crime, and accidents, which raises its value.

The curb appeal also influences the market value as first impressions have a way of swaying potential buyers. This will come in handy when you are selling. The perception of safety also aids in convincing them of the house’s homeliness.

The extra safety features may also get you a significant discount on your home insurance. Insurers will view it as a low-risk cover. They are also confident of getting evidence whenever there is an incidence, thanks to the related security features like gate logs and cameras. Subsidized insurance rates are some of the perks potential buyers are looking for; it will be easier for you to stick to your asking price.

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