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North Georgia “Fence and Electric Driveway Gate” Installation Company serves a 50-mile radius of our headquarters located in Talking Rock, just outside Ellijay, GA.

We specialize in:

  • Automatic Electric Driveway Gate Installation.
  • Electric Driveway Gate Opener Repair Service.
  • Swimming Pool Safety fences.
  • Chain Link fencing.
  • Horizontal Board and Post Farm fencing.
  • Agricultural Wire Field fence.
  • Cedar and Pine Split Rail fence.
  • Steel and Aluminum Ornamental Iron fence.

Fence and Gate Installation Contractor, Sales, Service, and Repair.

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    Ornamental "Wrought Iron Style" Fence

    Aluminum and Steel Powder Coated Decorative Ornamental Fence. It is beautiful and functional and is perfect for retaining wall safety fencing, courtyards, yard fencing, and swimming pools.

    Available heights; 3-ft, 42 inches, 4-ft, 5-ft, and 6-ft, aluminum or steel.

    Aluminum or Steel Ornamental Fence
    Three Rail Extended Top swimming pool fence
    Three Rail Extended Top
    flat top ornamental swimming pool fence
    Three Rail Flat Top

    Swimming Pool Fencing

    Two Rail 4-ft. Tall Swimming Pool Safety Fence

    Steel and Aluminum Ornamental Swimming Pool Fence:

    extended top aluminum ornamental fence
    Three Rail Extended Top

    Ornamental Steel or Aluminum Swimming Pool Fence. Available in flat top and extended top versions.

    Available heights for pool code compliance are 54, 58, and 70 inches.

    flat top ornamental swimming pool fence
    Three Rail Flat Top

    Chain Link Swimming Pool Fence:

    swimming pool chain link fence
    Chain Link Pool Fence

    An economical, tightly woven pool code-compliant Chain Link Fence is available in black, green, brown, and galvanized.

    pool security safety latch
    Swimming Pool Fence Code Gate Requirement

    Swimming Pool Fence Code:

    Swimming Pool Fence Code: Look here for requirements and an explanation of said code.

    Critical information every pool owner needs to know.

    Split Rail Fence


    two hole cedar split rail fence
    2 hole Cedar Split Rail Fence
    3 rail cedar split rail fence
    3 hole Cedar Split Rail Fence
    cedar split rail fence with wire fence attached
    Add a wire field fence for pet containment.
    3 hole cedar split rail fence
    Functional and Attractive

    Cedar Split Rail fence and Pressure Treated Pine Split Rail fence are available in two and three-hole configurations.

    The two-rail fence finishes at a three-foot height, and the three-rail fence finishes at four feet. My customers are always thrilled with this style of fence because it is functional and beautiful!


    Pine Split Rail Fence
    Pressure Treated Pine Split Rail Fence

    Horizontal Board Fence

    Rough Sawn Pressure Treated 1x6 horizontal fence boards with the option of 4x4 or 4x6 posts.

    horizontal board pasture fence
    Pasture Fencing For Livestock
    black horizontal 4 board fence
    3 and 4 Board Wood Fencing
    Black Horizontal 4 Board Fence
    Beautiful and Stylish!

    Horizontal board fencing can be left raw to weather to a natural silvery grey color. Adding a water sealer, paint, or stain to a wood fence will prolong its life and visual appeal.

    Typically it is either a 3 or 4 board configuration, sometimes 5 for a real tall fence.

    Ideal for pet containment with the added wire filed fence option.

    Chain Link Fencing is the product of choice for security and peace of mind because of its strength and long-term durability. It is corrosion resistant, easy to install, and a great value.

    galvanized chain-link back yard dog fence
    Green Chain Link Fence
    Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing
    Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence
    Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence is available in vinyl coated black, green, or brown, plus the galvanized metallic look in heights 4, 5, 6, and 8 feet.

    This strong, durable, attractive fence "all but disappears" when running through the woods. Because it unobtrusively preserves the natural view, chain link fence has proved very popular with our customers.

    Completely maintenance-free, and it will last many, many years.

    Perfect for pet containment and security.

    Agricultural Field Fence

    Red Brand Fence Products
    RedBrand Field Fence Products

    Livestock Fencing

    A rigid, durable fence for livestock. This fence has great appeal due to the rustic country look. It looks natural in a country setting and does not block the view of woods or distant mountains. Great for pet containment. Most POAs approve this fence.

    Woven Horse Wire Fencing
    Sheep and Goat Fence


    automatic electric driveway entry gate
    Driveway Gate Automation will Simplify Your Life!

    North Georgia Fence Company installs and services Viking, LiftMaster, and BFT Driveway Entry Gate Automation equipment.

    We are happy to service other brands but do not keep an inventory of spare parts for them.

    Where to Purchase a Driveway Gate:

    • Where to Purchase a Driveway Gate. Find resources here to look online to purchase gates. Find driveway gate pictures, pricing, delivery options, and custom gate manufacturing information.

    Driveway Gate Ideas:

    • Driveway Gate Ideas. Look for pictures of driveway gates that may help you visualize what different style gates would look like on your property.

    Driveway Gate Opener Equipment Options and Upgrades:

    • Optional Equipment Choices. See equipment that is included in a basic gate opener installation, plus optional equipment that will add useful functionality.

    How Much Do Driveway Gate Openers Cost?

    This price includes the gate opener control box and motors, photo eyes, exit sensor, keypad, and installation.

    An electrical power source supplied to the gate is not included for electric openers. It is assumed power is already available at the gate location.

    The cost of a driveway gate and installation of the gate are not included in this price. We charge $500 to assemble a driveway gate kit, dig the holes, set - level - and secure the posts in concrete, and hang the gate.

    Single Gate Opener / Equipment and Installation Cost:

    ELECTRIC /single gate

    • LiftMaster LA400 single $4300.00 installed.
    • LiftMaster LA500 single $4725.00 installed.

    SOLAR POWER / single gate

    • LiftMaster LA400 SOLAR single gate opener $5075.00 installed.
    • LiftMaster LA500 SOLAR single gate opener $5545.00 installed.

    Double Gate Opener / Equipment and Installation Cost:

    ELECTRIC / double gate

    • LiftMaster LA400 double gate opener $4900.00 installed.
    • LiftMaster LA500 double gate opener $5725.00 installed.

    SOLAR POWER / double gate

    • LiftMaster LA400 SOLAR double gate opener $5575.00 installed.
    • LiftMaster LA500 SOLAR double gate opener $6675.00 installed.

    Electric Driveway Gate Repair and Warranty service:

    North Georgia Fence Co. installs, services, and repairs Viking, LiftMaster, and BFT driveway gate opener equipment.

    Viking Residential Vehicular Swing Gate Opener Kit
    Viking Residential Vehicular Swing Gate Operator Kit
    LiftMaster driveway gate opener with basic accessories
    A Basic LiftMaster Gate Opener System
    BFT Driveway Gate Kit
    We service BFT, LiftMaster, and Viking Driveway Gate Openers


    About Services Provided:

    North Georgia Fence Co. has been serving the local community since 2005.

    Our goal is to provide quality workmanship and materials that will protect and enhance the value of your property, create useful functionality, and add an additional layer of security for your home, family, and pets.

    Not only do we install new fencing and electric driveway gates, we repair Viking, LiftMaster, and BFT brand automatic driveway entry gate electronics.

    NGFC offers:

    Please note:

    • We no longer offer large acreage fencing.


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