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North Georgia Fence Company is an electric driveway security gate automation installation and repair contractor. We install driveway gates with electric and solar driveway gate opener equipment.

LiftMaster leads the industry in driveway gate operators and accessories.

LiftMaster is our product of choice because of their high standards, rigid construction, and excellent customer support.

LiftMaster driveway gate opener with basic accessories
A Basic LiftMaster Gate Opener System

LiftMaster Driveway Gate Operators boast robust, solid motors that firmly hold your gate fully open or closed and resist strong wind or excessive force. These systems are well-made, long-lived, and dependable. LiftMaster delivers state-of-the-art technology and is a leader in driveway gate automation equipment research and development.

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    A Gate Opener for Solar and Electric:

    LiftMaster automatic driveway gate opener systems can be powered by standard 120-volt electricity or easily upgraded to Solar Power that works independent of the utility power grid operating on free electricity harvested from the sun.

    when to go solar

    With 8 hours of direct sun daily, a Solar Powered Driveway Gate Opener is a smart investment.

    • Solar eliminates the expense of digging trenches and burying costly wire to supply electricity to the gate.
    • A Solar gate opener operates for free, powered by electricity harvested from the sun.
    • Solar will save you money!


    The federal government is offering financial incentives to homeowners for the use of solar powered systems at their home. Homeowners are able to apply for a federal tax credit equal to 22% off the installed cost of their LiftMaster® Solar Powered Gate Operator System. Get the details here:

    • What is Covered: The solar tax credit applies to the total installed cost of the solar gate operator system. This includes the related solar panel, opener, access control device, remote controls, entrapment protection device(s), etc.
    • What is Not Covered: The gate cost or work required to place the physical gate into proper working order (leveling the gate, replacing hinges, etc.)

    Included Equipment

    What is included in a basic electric gate opener installation?

    Every driveway gate automation installation has the same essential “basic” elements:

    North Georgia Fence Co. uses the best available accessories to create a fully functional, trouble-free system. We aim to give you a well-designed system that will work flawlessly for many years.

    Additional equipment options are available if you require audio and video capabilities.

    Programmable Timers are another great option, used to open and close the gate at pre-set times. An example: open during daylight and close at night. Saves wear and tear on equipment in high-traffic areas.


    PPLV1 Passport Remote Control

    Option 1:
    The 1-button remote with a sun visor clip.

    Passport Lite 1-Button Visor Remote Control

    • LiftMaster Security+ 2.0.
    • Not compatible with LiftMaster residential garage door openers.
    LiftMaster Passport Lite one-button remote
    LiftMaster One Button Keychain Remote

    Option 2:
    Passport Lite 1-Button Keychain Remote Control

    • 1-button keychain remote
    • 2x the range of standard remote controls

    Two remote controls are included with each gate opener kit. The option 1 visor remote is the standard issue. If you need a keychain remote or any combination of remotes, let us know so we will have them at the install date.

    If you need more than two remotes, order at the time of installation:  $35 each


    Liftmaster Wireless Keypad
    Liftmaster Wireless Keypad

    Battery-powered wireless keypad

    • This is the keypad that comes standard with a gate opener kit.
    • The Keypad backlight will illuminate for 15 seconds when any key is pressed.
    • Enter a valid 4-digit PIN, then press the # key to activate the operator.
    • Codes can be easily changed as needed.
    • Capable of 5 PINs and 10 unique temporary PINs.
    Driveway gate access control keypad
    EMX Hardwired Keypad

    Hard-Wired Keypad

    The EMX KPX-100  features a durable metal housing and backlit metal keys. Ideal for high-traffic areas and harsh environments. The KPX-100 easily mounts on gooseneck stands, posts, or walls.

    The EMX Programmable Keypad can be used for Single Residence and Multi-User Residential Communities. Easily programmable with 100 assignable user keys.

    • The wireless Liftmaster and the hardwired EMX keypad shown above have no audio or video communication capabilities. They do not allow you to see or speak with a visitor at your gate.
    • Their only function is to open the gate when a four-digit number is entered.

    See below for audio and video driveway gate intercoms.


    Cartell Free Exit Sensor
    Cartell Exit Sensor

    Cartell CP-4 Automatic Gate Opener Free Exit System

    The Free Exit Sensor opens your automatic gate so you and visitors can exit the property without using a remote or keypad. When you drive by the sensor buried along the side of the driveway, the gate opens.

    Photo Eyes

    LMRRUL Photo Eye
    LMRRUL Photo Eye


    Monitored Retro Reflective Photo Eye

    • Long Range Sensing distance.
    • Requires power only on one side of the installation.
    • Meets UL 325 Safety Standards.

    Optional Equipment

    Add additional functionality to your gate operator.

    Audio / Video Intercom Systems

    Smart Video Intercom – S

    Hood for LiftMaster intercom
    driveway gate intercom
    Smart Video Intercom S


    • Explicitly designed for smaller multi-tenant buildings and single-family homes with a gate.
    • Provide your residents peace of mind by allowing them to visually see guests and visitors before granting them access with the myQ Community app.
    • Using the myQ connectivity web portal, property owners have a simple, effective way to manage resident access.
    • Connects via Ethernet or WIFI for ease of installation.
    • Smartphone Control requires myQ Community App subscription.
    • 1080p camera resolution, 25FPS; VOIP subscription required.
    • Sun Hood $45.00

    $1299.00 + $500.00 installation

    The Smart Video Intercom – S lets you watch video live or later, so you will always know what is happening at your front entrance. With motion-activated video feed, recording, and Night Vision capabilities, you can see any shady activity at your property and prevent or trace vandalism. It’s an affordable purchase that protects your investment.

    LiftMaster® Internet Gateway | LIF-828LM

    Wi-Fi internet gateway
    Wi-Fi Internet Gateway


    Download the app,  plug the gateway into your home Wi-Fi network, and follow the prompts on your smartphone - Connected!

    The Internet Gateway adds smartphone control to any myQ enabled products including garage door openers, gate operators, and lighting. Allows users to check the status or control myQ products from anywhere so they never have to worry if the garage or gate was left open. Provides peace of mind  as you will know the main access point to your home or business is secure.


    • Check the status and control the driveway gate operator and myQ lights from anywhere.
    • Receive real-time alerts when there is an activity with the gate or myQ lights.
    • Create schedules to close the gate or to have lights turn on/off at designated times.
    • Use with the myQ app on Android or iOS.
    • Controls up to 16 MyQ enabled devices.

    LiftMaster® myQ Connect:

    LiftMaster is the clear leader in audio and video gadgetry.
    LiftMaster myQ Connectivity is a cloud subscription service offering additional security monitoring benefits allowing you to stay connected to your home or business via your smartphone.

    With LiftMasters myQ Connectivity You Are Always Connected To Your Home Or Business
    With myQ connectivity, garage door openers, gate operators and commercial door operators can be controlled right from your smartphone or through LiftMasters cloud-based software. You'll know when a door or gate has been left open and can close it with a tap, no matter where you are.


    driveway gate lock
    Driveway Gate Lock

    Automatic Locking Device - $150.00

    A lock is an excellent idea for any gate. This lock latches and unlatches automatically in sync with the electric gate opener.

    In a windy location, this is a must-have item. The lock will keep the gates held fast and prevent wind damage.

    A gate lock will prevent someone from forcing the gate open.


    7-day programmable timer
    Programmable Timer

    EMX Programmable Timer - $75.00

    An easy-to-program 7-day timer that provides secure access to any facility, any time.

    Set community entry gates to automatically open in the morning and close in the evening. The timer will reduce the wear and tear on motor controls and extend the life of your equipment.

    The timer's battery backup saves stored programs in the case of power loss.

    Emergency Access System

    Siren Activated Emergency Access Device
    Siren Activated Emergency Access Device

    SOS - Siren Operated Sensor - $550.00

    Since 1992, the original Siren Operated Sensor (SOS) has been used to open residential, commercial, airport, government, and military gates during emergencies.

    The gate will open once an emergency vehicle's “Yelp” siren has been recognized for 3 seconds. The SOS is the most cost-effective way for emergency responders to access your home or business without stopping or leaving their vehicle to enter a code or use a key. The reliability of the SOS Emergency Access System has made it mandatory in many communities throughout the world. Making your gate siren-activated is a big step to saving lives and property.

    A sign is included to display at the entrance.

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