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Where to Purchase Driveway Gates:

Driveway Entry Gate Ideas

Wood Driveway Gate

wood driveway gate

NGFC makes wood driveway gates with a steel reinforced frame that will match wood fencing.

A four-board wood gate, two 4x4 steel posts and caps, hinges, and a steel reinforced gate frame will cost around $3000.00 (gate, posts, hinges, wood, paint, and fabrication/installation labor). Gate Automation Equipment and Equipment Installation are not included in this price.

4-board wood driveway gate

Rectangular Flat Top Driveway Gate

rectangular flat top driveway gate

NGFC makes rectangular ornamental metal driveway gates to fit any size opening.

Available with Flat top or Spear top options.

A 4 ft. or 5 ft. tall x 16 ft. wide double driveway gate, post, hinges, post tops - installed (no automation included) will cost $3500.00

$8500 with the basic automaton package included.

Farm Drive Gate

solar powered farm drive gate

Tubular-style farm gates make an excellent barrier to prevent trespass and keep livestock and pets home. These gates are inexpensive, and they will last forever when paired with two strong steel posts.

Farm Gates are locally available for immediate installation.

A Single Farm Gate, 2 / 4-inch Steel Post, and Hinges, including Gate Opener Automation, installed - cost around $5500.00


Aluminum and Steel Arched Driveway Gate

locally available arched drive gate
Versia by Fortress

Locally available, ready to pick up and install immediately. No delivery charge or wait.

A gate like this, including the double arched gate, steel gate post and caps, hinges, and a dual gate opener kit with a keypad and exit sensor, installed cost $9000.00

Purchase a Driveway Gate on the Internet

If you didn't see a locally available gate shown above that interests you, try the Internet!

Big Box Store:

Home Depot and Lowes carry the Aleko brand Driveway Gates.

These kits include everything to install your gate ( gate, post, hinges, delivered).  These are well built high quality gates.

Please do not buy the Aleko gate opener kit they offer. Only purchase a driveway gate kit if you find one you like. The Aleko gate opener equipment does not meet the standard we strive for.

Aleko is an excellent source for a wide selection in size and style.

The big box stores are an good place to gather design ideas and price estimates.

Independent Gate Manufacturing Companies:

Aluminum Driveway Gate
Ultra Fence, Inc.

Ultra Fence

This driveway gate was designed using the "Design Studio App" courtesy of Ultra Fence. Try It Out!

They manufacture Aluminum Fencing, Railing, and Aluminum Driveway Gates.

Very High quality and easy to order from.

Ideal Gate Co
Ideal Gate Company

Ideal Custom Gate Company

Ideal specializes in Aluminum Fabrication and has an easy-to-use website.

Alumi Guard Gate
Alumi Guard Gate Co.

Alumi-Guard Aluminum Estate Gates

Another place to look for custom and stock driveway gates.

Amazing Driveway Gate
Amazing Gates

Amazing Gates

All powder-coated steel posts and gates, no aluminum. Custom build or pick from stock items. Fast delivery.

Gulf Coast Gate Co
Gulf Coast Gate Company

Gulf Coast Gate

The lady for whom I installed this company's gate said, "Gulf Coast Gate was straightforward to work with, and they delivered the gate to her within two weeks."

Driveway Tree Gate
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