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Where to find and purchase your Driveway Entrance Gate

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North Georgia Fence Co is an electric driveway gate installation contractor. We install driveway gates and automatic electric motorized driveway gate equipment.

A good starting place in the process of having a driveway gate installed is deciding on a gate.

What follows are pictures of drive gates and internet links to gate sources to help with making an informed purchase.

  • See gates that North Georgia Fence Company makes.
  • Find gates that are locally available for purchase.
  • Access gates for sale across the world wide web.

Here's how it works:

  • Selecting a driveway gate is personal, so ideally, the homeowner must decide.
  • For this reason, it makes sense that the owner is responsible for locating, purchasing, and arranging delivery.
  • NGFC is happy to meet with your delivery truck, accept delivery, and bring the gate to the job site as part of the installation process. Inform the supplier that your installer will take delivery for you, and give them my company name and phone number.
  • The information supplied throughout this website will make the process easy!
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    Driveway Gate Ideas and Sources:

    NGFC Gates:

    North Georgia Fence Company fabricates steel-reinforced wooden driveway gates and ornamental decorative metal driveway gates, as shown throughout this website.

    Residential Arched Driveway Gates:

    The Versai Ornamental Steel Gate by Fortress Building Products is locally available and ready for immediate pickup and installation at a very affordable price.

    Rural and Farm Gates:

    Tractor Supply has tubular farm-style gates. If you find something you like at TS, NGFC will pick it up and deliver it.

    Building Supply Companies:

    "Aleko, Fortress Building Products,  and Ultra Aluminum" make excellent driveway entry gates with 100's to choose from. These are all fantastic high-quality gates worth having a look at.

    Gate Manufacturing Companies:

    Gate Manufacturing Companies will make a custom gate to your specifications; their information is here.

    Design Your Gate:

    Using this "DESIGN STUDIO" online app is helpful. The Design Studio allows you to build a driveway gate using standard industry options. Build your dream gate and save it to your computer for production.

    Helpful tips and terminology for ordering an ornamental metal drive gate; can be found here.

    Please do not hesitate to ask if you need help with the design process or advice on what might work best for your location.

    Before you purchase the driveway gate:

    Meet and Confirm:

    NGFC would like to meet with you at your job site to confirm your drive gate size and placement before you purchase your gate.

    Please call or text to schedule; 706-299-1047

    During the onsite survey, NGFC and the homeowner will decide if electricity needs to be run to the gate or if sufficient sunlight is available for solar-powered equipment.

    Decisions about access control will also be discussed, i.e., numeric keypads and audio/video communication devices.

    When to Purchase the Driveway Gate:

    After we meet, that is the time to purchase the driveway gate.

    Happy Gate Hunting! See you soon. . .

    Driveway Entrance Gates For Sale:

    Gate ideas and trusted sources to buy from:

    Locally Available Driveway Entrance Gates

    Wooden, Rectangular Metal, Rural Farm, and Arched Top Metal Gates:

    Wood Driveway Gate

    4-board crossbuck wooden driveway gate

    NGFC makes wood driveway gates with a steel reinforced frame that will match wood fencing.

    A four-board wood gate, two 4x4 steel posts and caps, hinges, and a steel reinforced gate frame will cost around $3000.00 (gate, posts, hinges, wood, paint, and fabrication/installation labor). Gate Automation Equipment and Equipment Installation are not included in this price.

    4-board wood driveway gate
    5 board cross buck wood driveway gate
    5 Board Crossbuck Gate
    Horizontal 4-board wood driveway gate
    Horizontal 4-Board Driveway Gate
    Metal Gate Frame
    Wooden Driveway Gate Steel Frame

    A wooden driveway gate requires a structural steel frame to mount the gate motors and keep the gate from warping and sagging.

    Straight Flat Top Driveway Gate

    Stright Flat Top Metal Driveway Gate
    A Dual-Leaf Straight Flat Top Metal Driveway Gate
    rectangular flat top driveway gate
    Strong BFT Phobos Motors

    NGFC makes straight flat top or extended top  U-Frame style metal driveway gates to fit any size opening.

    Notice the 2 inch square tube steel U-frame along the bottom and sides of this gate - Strong / Handsome / Affordable.

    A 4 ft. or 5 ft. tall x 16 ft. wide double driveway gate, post, hinges, post tops - installed (no automation included) will cost $3500.00

    $8500 with the basic automaton package included.

    Stright flat top dual leaf driveway gate
    straight extended top drive gate

    Farm Drive Gate

    solar powered farm drive gate

    Tubular-style farm gates make an excellent barrier to prevent trespass and keep livestock and pets safe at home.

    Rural Farm Gates are locally available at Tractor Supply.

    A Single Farm Gate with two 4-inch Steel Post, Hinges, and including Gate Opener Automation, installed - cost around $5500.00


    Aluminum and Steel Arched Driveway Gate

    locally available arched drive gate
    Versia by Fortress
    Fortress Driveway Gate
    Fortress Drive Gate / Versai Series / Flat Top

    Locally available, ready to pick up and install. No delivery charge or wait time.

    This beautiful driveway gate is from the Versai Ornamental Steel Fence Series by Fortress Building Products. The double arched gate, steel gate post and caps, hinges, a dual gate opener kit, a keypad, and a exit sensor, installed - cost $9000.00

    Metal Driveway Gate

    Purchase a Driveway Gate on the Internet

    If the "locally available" gates above don't interest you, try the Internet!

    Building Supply Companies:

    Aleko Products

    Aleko is an excellent source for a wide selection in size and style.

    These kits include everything to install your gate ( gate, post, hinges). They are well built high quality gates.

    Please do not buy the Aleko gate opener kit they offer. Only purchase a driveway gate kit if you find one you like. The Aleko gate opener equipment does not meet the quality standard we strive for.

    Fortress Building Products

    Fortress makes a driveway gate to match its many different styles of steel and aluminum fencing products. The Versai fencing and gate products are locally available. Their other styles are special orders. They also claim to do custom work.

    Big Box Stores

    Home Depot and Lowes carry the Aleko brand Driveway Gates.

    Independent Gate Manufacturing Companies:

    Ideal Gate Co
    Ideal Gate Company

    Ideal Custom Gate Company

    Ideal specializes in Aluminum Fabrication and has an easy-to-use website.

    Alumi Guard Gate
    Alumi Guard Gate Co.

    Alumi-Guard Aluminum Estate Gates

    Another place to look for custom and stock driveway gates.

    Amazing Driveway Gate
    Amazing Gates

    Amazing Gates

    All powder-coated steel posts and gates, no aluminum. Custom build or pick from stock items. Fast delivery.

    Gulf Coast Gate Co
    Gulf Coast Gate Company

    Gulf Coast Gate

    The lady for whom I installed this company's gate said, "Gulf Coast Gate was straightforward to work with, and they delivered the gate to her within two weeks."

    Aluminum Driveway Gate

    Ultra Fence

    This driveway gate was designed using the "Design Studio App" courtesy of Ultra Fence.

    They manufacture Aluminum Fencing, Railing, and Aluminum Driveway Gates.

    Very High quality and easy to order from.

    Design Studio

    Drive Gate Design-Studio App

    Design A Gate

    The "DESIGN STUDIO" online app allows you to build an aluminum driveway gate using standard industry options. Build your dream gate and save it to your computer for production.


    How To Measure An Arched Driveway Gate

    To order this size gate, ask for a 5' x 6' x 16' double leaf.

    Double-leaf arched driveway gates are available as 4'x5'. 5'x6' and 6'x7' heights and in widths from 12 ft. to 16 ft.

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