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When to go SOLAR:


Driveway Gate Opener Equipment Options explained:



All 120 VAC powered gate operators require a high voltage surge suppressor to protect the equipment from electrical power surge spikes and lightening. This item will be sacrificed during an extreme power spike and protect the equipment. The surge suppressor has a LED for quick diagonosis, and if it has been sacrificed it is easily replaced.

This is a $375 install including ground rod, suppressor, electrical work box, and many misc. parts - this is mandatory for all 120VAC systems.


Solar Gate Opener Automation Solutions:

ECOSOL_solar_gate_opener_control_box_enclosure_and_solar_panel_picture Ecosol_solar_drive_gate_openerpamplet
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Solar Powered systems are great, eliminating the need to supply electricity to the gate and the need for expensive surge suppression equipment. If a storm knocks out the power, solar gate openers keep on working - powered by the built in battery bank.


Solar Powered Automatic Gate Openers and the 120 VAC Electric Gate Openers cost roughly the same for a basic system including the opener, a wireless keypad, a exit probe to open the gate automatically when approached from the inside, two remote control, and installation cost.


A dual swing gate opener kit installed on an existing double driveway gate - $4200.00.

A single gate opener kit installed on an existing single leaf gate - $3800.00.


If electricity is not available at the gate location, this is when the cost of the 120 VAC Electric Driveway Gate Opener will cost more than a Solar Powered Driveway Gate Opener. Trenches dug, wires buried, misc. electrical boxes, connectors, surge suppressors, battery backup, etc. can quickly add up.


With 8 hours of direct sun daily a Solar Powered Driveway Gate Opener saves money. No expensive surge suppression equipment required- it’s not connected to the power grid, meaning no surges or lightening spikes can damage the equipment. It comes with built in battery backup, and - no added electric bill cost - just clean free solar power!

For an updated website with our latest information, please visit Driveway Gate Openers.com


An inexpensive battery powered wireless coded keypad that is easily installed at the gate to allow access with a 4 digit code Digital keypad with 10 channels and 100 combinations. $180.00


The WIRELESS KEYPAD (shown above) is all that is required for service companies, maids, or anyone you give the 4 didgit code, to allow them to open the gate, and when they leave - the exit sensor will open it automatically when approched from the inside by a vehicle.

If you need to communicate with people at the gate and then use your phone to talk to them and allow them access to your property, there are many options, with more advanced and complicated devices hitting the market all the time.

The CELL BOX uses cell phone technology and does not require wiring into home phone, but does require a SIMM card and a cell phone service provider and monthly subscription. $2000.00 plus installation.

A TELE-COMMUNICATION intercome unit wires into the home phone line, communication and gate activation is controlled from the home phone handset. $900.00 plus. Installation for a hard wired system like this requires trenching and cable burial from the gate to the house.


Curved steel pedestals are used to mount the Telephone Entry System call box

Cost $200.00 to $400.00 depending on brand and size.


An inexpensive $45.00 alternative for the wireless keypads is a steel post and cap as seen to the right.


12V "rolling code" remote control transmitters.

Two remote controls are included with each gate opener kit.

$35.00 for each extra remote with no additional programing cost if purchased at the time of installation.


Opens the gate automatically when approached from the inside by a vehicle. No need to manually activate the gate, just drive by the sensor buried along the driveway and it opens. Great for guest, delivery trucks, and anytime a vehicle needs to exit the property. $225.00


SOS is used to open Residential, Commercial, Airport, Government and Military Gates during an emergency. SOS is the fastest way for emergency responders to access your property without stopping and leaving their vehicle to enter a code or use a key.

Every Emergency Vehicle already has the key:- a Siren. This system saves vital seconds in all emergencies with sirens triggering gate operators.

$550.00 installed.


24 Volt D.C. battery backup system.

Provides auxiliary backup power in the event of an electrical power outage.

Can be added to any BFT gate opener system


BFT brand Automation equipment is excellent, we have hundreds of these systems in daily operation and have no "call back" issues, they just keep on working!

Our customer wants an affordable high quality system that simply opens and closes the gate and gives a lifetime of trouble free service.

This is our goal! Provide top quality, simple operation, and trouble free service!