picture of old fence in country setting
black 4 board horse fence
black board fence
cedar split rail fence 2 rail Canadian red cedar fence
rustic cedar split rail fence with black wire fence attached
3 rail rustic cedar split rail fence
red brand field fence products
certified fence installers
Red Brand sheep and goat wire fence
heavy duty woven horse wire fence
5ft tall red brand woven horse wire
sheep and goat wire fence with electric strand around top
5ft tall heavy duty 2x4 horse wire fence on all woods post
6ft red brand heavy duty woven horse wire fence 6ft horse wire fence on all round wood post
back yard dog fence photo

Chain Link Fencing is the product of choice for security and peace of mind because of its strength and long term durability. It is corrosion resistant, easy to install, and a great value.

imgae of available colors for vinyl coated chain link fence
galvanized chain link fence image green vinyl coated chain link yard fence image
black chain link fence with barb wire image


chain link swimming pool fence
chain link swimming pool magnetic safety latch

Chain Link Fence is available in a 1-1/4 inch mesh that meets swimming pool code requirements.


As more people move into the area and reduce the wildlife domain, deer fencing is becoming increasingly popular. I have installed many deer deterrent fences - here is what works.

This topic warrants a seperate page, so click here for



If you would like to see more pictures of fences, then please check out my old legacy web site that is still published and operational, although not mobile friendly:


Available and in stock for immediate installation is the Fortress Iron Ornamental Fence

fortress iron fence

Fencing, not only is it pratical, but when done correctly, is a work of art.

A house or piece of land framed by a fence, installed with care and expertise, truly is a thing of beauty.

Enjoy these pictures of work we have done around North Georgia, find the perfect fence for your project, and give me a call.

Sam McCombs
North Georgia Fence Co.


Milled from local pine timber, then pressure treated here in North Georgia, this wood is superior to wood purchased at a big box store. True 1 inch thick x 6 inch wide fence boards - and your choice of 4x4 or 4x6 true dimension rough sawn post.

We build for large land owners, but more commonly, this fence is built with wire fence sandwiched between post and board to create a pet containment area.

Looks fantastic and is accepted by most Property Owners Associations.

Roughly, $12 - $14 per ft. installed / no paint or stain.

The 3 and 4 board fences look great painted or left natural to weather to a nice silvery grey color.

Board fence is available in a 3 board - 4 ft. tall / 4 board - 4 ft. tall / and a 5 board - 5ft. or 6 ft. tall / configuration.

3 or 4 Board Wood Fence

Cedar Split Rail Fence

Cedar Split Rail Fence is available with two or three hole post. The two hole stands 3 feet tall to the top rail and the three hole makes a 4 foot tall fence.

This fence, like the 3 and 4 board fence, is very popular around mountain cabin homes.

Wire field fencing can be added on the inside for pet containment.

Farm Livestock Field Fencing

North Georgia Fence is proud to be certified by Red Brand to install their livestock fencing products.

We have installed miles of farm fencing for large land owners, hobby farmers, horse lovers, but
mostly for homeowners in need of an inexpensive and attractive pet containment fence.

Field fence almost disappear when run through the woods or along a tree line. Great for maintaining the view.

Strong, durable, economical - comes in many sizes - will keep livestock and pets safely contained.

Wire Farm Fence is available in heights from 4ft. to 8ft.

Makes a great deer fence.

Often used for a dog fence.

Blends into scenery.

Round wood post for corners with metal T-post along the line makes this a very economical fence, around $6.50 per foot for the 4ft. tall Red Brand Sheep and Goat fence (pictured above and right). Round wood post can be subsituted for the metal T-post at a slight price increase.

For added peice of mind against coyotes, and bear, a single strand of electric wire along the top is an easy upgrade.

5 ft. tall woven horse wire fence supported by large 6 in. round x 8 ft. long wood post.

Below is a 6 ft. tall woven horse wire fence in the Coosawattee River Resort.

5ft. and 6ft. tall fence will probably keep deer out, they can easily step over a 4ft fence.

Chain Link Fence

Available as a vinyl coated black, green, or brown, plus the galvanized metallic look in heights 4', 5', 6', 8'.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Click here to see the entire selection of the Jerith - Aluminum - "Old World" wrought iron inspired fence designs. Available special order only.